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ISSUE: Historical school and daycare underfunding impacts teacher retention, teacher effectiveness, and student outcomes.

Additionally, Studies report over 94% of U.S. teachers use personal funds to purchase instructional supplies to support student learning. Average out-of-pocket spending EXCEED $700 annually. This amount is often higher for teachers of color and in communities of color.

GOAL: To provide 1,000 educators across the US with coaching, tools, and community to accelerate learning by learning the art of grant writing.


Hundreds to thousands of grant dollars are available for educators to purchase books, technological devices and software, science equipment, art and crafts materials, customized classroom furniture, and project-based learning materials, but many educators are first-time grant writers or don't know where to start.

Equipping educators with teacher-friendly and teacher-tested coaching and tools to write grants help address students' social, emotional, and learning needs.

CHANGE THE NARRATIVE: We need sponsors like you to help create equitable education.

Your sponsorship provides educators:

✔️Grant Writing for Educators master class

✔️Amazon Best Seller 12 Quick Steps to Writing Winning Classroom Grants book

✔️Exclusive Grant Writing for Educators Facebook Community



• Create innovative instructional learning environments

• Promote equity in student and teacher access to education resources

• Increase student achievement

• Alleviate financial strain of teachers spending out of pocket


🎁Social media acknowledgement of the donor’s generosity (All tiers)

🎁 A “Certificate of Appreciation” to post in their office (Tier 5 and up)

🎁 Being included on our website’s ‘Supporters’ list (Tier 4 and up)

🎁Press Release with donor acknowledgement (Tier 2 and up)




💚 💚Change Agent (Tier 1): $300,000 will impact 500 teachers + 12,500 students

💜 💜 Champion (Tier 2): $60,000 will impact 100 teachers + 2500 students

🖤🖤 Advocate (Tier 3): $33,000 will impact 55 teachers + 1375 students

💚Ally (Tier 4): $15,000 will impact 25 teachers + 625 students

💜 Supporter (Tier 5): $6,000 will impact 10 teachers + 250 students

🖤 Friend (Tier 6): $600 will impact 1 teacher + 25 students

Amplify Education Equity to Accelerate Learning

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