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GOAL: To provide 1,000+ educators with a grant writing starter guide to accelerate learning recovery.


HOW DOES THE PROGRAM WORK: The BKIEC Buy Books/Change Lives sponsorship program is straight forward. Your sponsorship provides educators with a FREE copy of 12 Quick Steps to Writing Winning Classroom Grants.



Promote equity in student access to education resources

Create innovative instructional learning environments

Alleviate financial strain of teachers spending out of pocket

Ensure long-term financial sustainability of schools and districts



Social media acknowledgement of the donor’s generosity

Being included on our website’s ‘Supporters’ list

A “Certificate of Appreciation” to post in their office



Change Agent (Tier 1): $18,000 will impact 500 teachers + 12,500 students

Champion (Tier 2): $3,600 will impact 100 teachers + 2500 students

Advocate (Tier 3): $2,025 will impact 55 teachers + 1375 students

Ally (Tier 4): $975 will impact 25 teachers + 625 students

Supporter (Tier 5): $450 will impact 10 teachers + 250 students

Friend (Tier 6): $40 will impact 1 teacher + 25 students

Buy Books, Change Lives

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