This micro-course provides educators with foundational knowledge and practical application of technology-centered instructional tools for the PK-8 classroom to promote global collaboration aligned with the International Society of Technology Education Standards (ISTE) through Virtual Field Trips.


Participants will be able to:

  • Define Virtual Field Trip, Project-based Digital Literacy, Place-based Learning & Global Collaboration

  • Describe the benefits of Virtual Field Trips

  • Identify virtual field trip learning goals within the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards

  • Explore web-based technologies to create Virtual Field Trips

  • Develop a Virtual Field Trip using Nearpod to engage PK-8 learners

  • Integrate an assessment in a VFT lesson to assess student learning

  • Identify a Virtual Field Trip using Skype to engage PK-8 learners

  • Utilize Google Arts & Culture’s free database of museum collections and historical landmarks

  • Incorporate Place-Based Learning and Google’s Art & Culture resources into a virtual field trip lesson plan


Virtual Field Trip Toolkit:

  • How-to guides for Microsoft Education, Discovery Education, NearPod, 360Cities, Kuula, and RoundMe
  • Tutorial videos for Skype
  • Virtual Field Trip Self-Assessment Rubric
  • Educational articles and links

Expanding Classrooms through Virtual Field Trips: Levels 1 & 2 Micro-course

    • Educators who have limited funding for classroom field trips
    • Educators who want to use low to no cost technological tools to enhance teaching practices
    • Educators new to the field of education who want to learn an instructional tool to engage PK-8 learners
    • Veteran educators who want to learn a new instructional tool to engage PK-8 learners
    • Educators who want to earn continuing professional education
    • Educators who have limited time to go to face-to-face classes
    • Former Educators who want to recertify teaching credentials

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