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Bot Basics

This course will familiarize you with the basics of robotics and presents several ways to integrate robotics into the classroom to teach science and math principles

Participants will be able to
  • Define robotics terms and describe examples of robots

  • Discover and analyze how robotics can be used in the K-12 classroom to enable discussions on STEM topics

  • Build a basic robot using Lego NXT/EV3 Kit components

  • Prepare and modify instructions for the basic robot using advanced programming skills

  • Create active teaching lessons in classroom discussions

  • Predict obstacles to the implementation of robotics for a specific grade level


Who should take this course?
  • School Administrators

  • Educators

  • Instructional Coaches 

  • Youth Development Leaders

Assessment Criteria

To earn CEUs, the learner must complete and pass a final exam with an 80% or higher to demonstrate cognitive mastery of learning outcomes. 

CEUs awarded

CEU will be awarded upon successful completion.

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