Edcamp Georgia: Digital Learning for All

BK International Education Consultancy and Saving Our Sons & Sisters International (SOSSI) joined to present "Edcamp Georgia: Digital Learning for All" to go over the current state of virtual and STEAM learning. One of the first of its kind in Georgia, this participant-driven "unconference" aimed to create thoughtful and productive discussions amongst the participants regarding the changes educators and students were forced to face due to the pandemic. This Edcamp, like others, was designed purposefully with no specific agenda to allow participants to dictate the topics discussed and share insight on subjects that would be of interest to their peers.

The two groups joined with educators and families, among others, to share ideas and stories about virtual learning and its relation to the STEAM field. They were joined by people from across the United States and the World, including Alaska, India, and the Dominican Republic. Over the course of two 90 minute sessions, they discussed various ways in which STEAM education has been affected due to virtual classrooms, and they shared experiences regarding its failures and successes. The free conference was one among many ways with which BK Consultancy and SOSSI are looking to connect with and aid the Greater Georgia community in their implementation of STEAM-related programs. To access and add resources compiled by attendees, click the link below.