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I specialize in helping schools advance education equity by building educators capacity to increase student access to innovative education.

Did You Know?

94% of teachers pay out of pocket for classroom supplies and materials

Teachers spend over $749 annually on instruction

Over $700B in grant funds are awarded annually

Teachers can deduct only $250 for classroom expenses

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Community Benefits of Your Support

Graduation Ceremony
  • Improve educator effectiveness

  • Increase instructional student supports

  • Increase positive student outcomes

  • Strengthen community-school partnerships

  • Eliminate educator out-of-pocket spending

12 Quick Steps to Writing Winning Classroom Grants provides teachers who have little to no grant writing experience with a foundational knowledge of grants, engages them in grant proposal development activities, and dispels common misconceptions about grant writing.

Teachers learn practical tips and strategies to effectively secure funding for their classroom and understand what funders look for when they make charitable investments. 

Why Our Book?

Success Stories


T. Marzette


"After the Grant Writing Master Class...

I secured a special STEAM Designation for my school using the strategies for identifying data to support goals.


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for this program."

K. Mallory

How Can You Help

Helping Hands
The BKIEC Buy Books/Change Lives Sponsorship Program is very straight forward.

Your sponsorship provides educators with a
FREE copy of 12 Quick Steps to Writing Winning Classroom Grants. Educators that receive a copy of our book also gain access to our exclusive community that provides grant writing training opportunities and access to additional resources.

Pick your level of support, from
Change Agent to Friend. All support counts!


BK International Education Consultancy is a social good education consulting firm that provides continuing education and training, instructional design, and program management for PK-12 schools, professional organizations, and nonprofits. 

Using an evidence-based approach, BKIEC's mission is to advance education equity globally by building educators capacity to increase student access to innovative education.


We believe when teachers have access to and use innovative instructional tools, students thrive! Since our inception, we have reached...

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teachers and students





years of service

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